Thursday, March 31, 2011

tempo zero (semi discogaphy) 1999

the last release from a long running italian band that seemed to be one of the wellsprings for the later italian "emo" renaissance ala la quiete, raein, ect......these guys played driving, multifaceted rockin emotional hardcore that itself was rooted in the DC sound, but with their own uniquely italian spin on things.......sorta reminds me of forstella ford in places........songs from the splits with eversor and alcatraz are contained on here, as well as the "in gabbia" "7.....the split with nuvolabalu and the lp (which was one of my first posts) are missing. from what i can gather, these guys were important to the italian scene and were pretty well known there. i can count on one hand all the people i know in the states who have even heard of this band. i especially like the song "cammelli" get hints of what would come later with la quiete on that track............anyways amazing underrated stuf you need to check out.

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