Wednesday, December 30, 2009

mancake "we will destroy you" cdep

the monstrosity known as mancake was created when jason hamacher of frodus/battery fame decided he wanted to do a band in the vein of born against (at least thats how the story goes...or maybe just how i heard it) he recruited eric astor of art monk records, mike schilebaum of later darkest hour fame and fellow frodus member shelby cinca. musically i would say this is slightly closer to crimson curse than born against but i guess if you go back far enough it all springs from the same place doesnt it? anyways i saw these guys live in florida (i think it was sarasota or tampa i could be wrong though) with assuck and a bunch of other bands i dont remember...i do remember the pancakes and maple syrup flying everywhere though.....those were the days......

sky by sorella "dark before home" "7

this band existed for a year between 1996-97 i believe and it was made up of ex ordination of aaron members based in indianapolis.........very slow subdued beautiful music similar to codeine or something similar......another rather obscure inchworm release.

the desert jet set "is dead" "7

one of those records that fell through the cracks, even when it came out.....ex trigger quintet members rocking a slightly more subdued sound......indie rockish but still driving and powerful....sorta shotmakerish.......three songs to be enjoyed to the fullest since they sadly broke up before more goodness could be put to vinyl........

feci dal signore discography

this band was from columbus ohio and was active in the mid-late 90s. fast fucked up hardcore with plenty of noise and fall on the floor-scream-your-guts-out chaos......the  discography includes their "7 and split "7 with inept.

gathering ground "figure it out" mcd

so im switching it up a bit and going the emo route this time.........but by "emo" i dont mean the testicle constricting pants and black-mops with eyeliner scene thats co-opted the word over the past decade, i mean normal looking dudes playing melodic-yet-rough hardcore with a shitload of heart and soul from the mid 90s.....and thats exactly what buffalo, NY band gathering ground is/was (there are rumors of a reunion of sorts in the works, or so ive heard...maybe it already happened......there have been so many reunions in the past year that this one might have gotten lost in the shuffle) 4 songs of really catchy engaging hardcore......very very highly recommended!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

born under saturn "agrarian waste" "7

born under saturn where a conneticut band that existed from 1997-2002 and played  heavy noisy supertechnical hardcore. their singers vocals actually reminded me alot of charlie maggio of rorschach...real high pitched and throat scraping......anyways these guys stood out from the ever enlarging pack of "tech-core" bands that started gathering steam in the late 90s and ended up glutting the scene in the early 2000s...they where more nuanced and threw in a few singing/talking parts and "emoish" riffs here and there to give your ears a rest from the constant mathmatic all of their recorded material was, this record is excellent and highly recommeneded..

judas factor "kiss suicide" cd

this was rob fish's (resurrection, 108, tons of other bands) band in the late 90s......very emotionally charged hardcore in the vein of threadbare or something similar.....i listen to this everyday, its so damn good! highly recommended!

caligari s/t cd

caligari where from sioux falls south dakota and played some mutated metallic hardcore that sounded like baroness but with more chaotic elements....they had members of the moshcore band floodplain.

iscariote "necropole trauma"

iscariote is/was a french/swiss band from the early 2000s. they played what i would call "modern hardcore" as i dont think a sound like this really existed in the 90s, aside from botch who basically originated the foundation of this sound.....some fucking beautiful mile high riffs interspersed with walls of vicious noise to create something very dynamic and moving. really really good stuff.....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

canephora discography

canephora was one of those bands in the late 90s that actually delivered on the "evilcore" label that seemed to be all the rage in the mid to late 90s...i remember tons of bands being tagged as "evilcore" and non of them living up to the billing, the vast majority of them being 3rd rate slayer clones with horrible vocals.............the first time i heard the "at a loss for words" "7 i knew finally at least one band nailed it...this shit actually was evil........fucking terrifying even.........they where from virginia and i think had a connection to jesuit......and moocow seemed to have a knack for finding really good bands, even if they only ended up putting out a record or two before calling it a day which was definatly the case with these guys.....anyways this is the short but sweet discography, the "at a loss for words" "7, the demo and a comp song from the caligula effect comp (at least i think they had a song on that....its been so long since ive heard it that i cant remember) members went on to the even more evil and devastating goddess.


season "7

this record came out in 1998, a french band that played heavier, harsher, more abrasive stuff than most of the stuff that came out on stonehenge....musically they were close to the canadian stuff like union of uranus/jonah/drift as well as the per koro bands like alot of good bands of their era (late 90s) they burnt all too quickly after only releasing a demo and this "7..........members went on to a band called soar whos cd i will post in the near future.......anyways enjoy!

season "7

cheerleaders of the apocalypse "rock n roll self destruction" "7

probably one of my favorite album covers ever...florian bertmer brings the goods on every peice he does (cant wait to see what hes got cooked up for the official jesuit discography on magic bullet!) anyways this is messy fucked up sXe grind from germany in the late thought monster x and acrid where the last word on the genere? think again! this shit just vomits all over the two aformentioned bands and grinds them into submission.....would have given my right arm to see them live.........this record came out on react with protest sometime in the very early 2000's.

keitzer "as the world burns" lp

undoubtably the best grind band from germany at the moment, keitzer pulverizes your soul with a sound derived from the older per koro bands (morser, systral, acme, ect) but viewed through a bloody grindcore lens..........absolutely feral and ferocious stuff here......this band has a couple full lenghts out and all of them are stellar...this one however is more brutally perfect than the rest.........

hope to see them live at some point.........

acheborn "tuesday is dead" lp

acheborn where from munster germany and where associated heavily with bands of the "bremen" sound, even though this lp at least isnt really in line with that sound at all...anyways i got this record at michiganfest 1999 or 2000 (one or the other, my memory gets kinda blurry with shows and fests of the time) from gavin stickfigure's distro........i expected this record to be pretty typical bremen style hardcore but was taken aback from the first note...very hyper and hectic stuff, like if mohinder decided to play moshcore....there is what i believe to be a depeche mode cover at the end (never let me down again) tell me if im wrong on that one............

tuesday is dead

shora "shaping the random" cd

another band from geneva switzerland that existed from 1999-2005(?) playing severe ear damaging noisecore.....lots of botch comparisons for this band but these guys are easily more abrasive and harsh...even the vocals peirce your eardrums like needles......its kinda like listening to a beltsander grinding the paint off your walls....but in a good way.....around 2003-04 this band  droppd their chaotic sound and became a prog-rock band in the vein of tarantula hawk or something like that, the weird thing is they dident suck at the style like so many other bands who switch styles and fall flat on their faces....anyways check this out.

breach "its me god" lp

breach were from sweden and existed from 1993 - 2006(?) and put out a number of lps......they started out playing moshy slightly NYC inspired hardcore that actually sounded alot like a combination of burn and the mid 90s they progressed into more of a noise rock oriented sound while still keeping the hardcore intnesity........IMO this is their best record.....very much in the unsane vein but with more complexity in each song than unsane managed in an entire album.......noisy, bass driven andslightly creepy.

enfold "no coming home" lp

this band was from bielefeld germany and played some really intense engergizing "northcore". tightly packed noise-groove with ragged vocals......saw them in indiana in 2000 when they came over with chispa...unfortunate that their tour got cut short by an auto accident in st louis.....just a really really good record  and an outstanding live band.........just wished they had lasted longer........

a video of them in germany in 1998 or so

Thursday, December 24, 2009

veil "the burden of life" lp

mid 90s german band that i remember getting a bit of attention on this side of the pond.......pretty intense emotional  hardcore that would have been considered "new school" in 1996 when this came out. even a few blastbeats and double bass here and there.

enemy of the sun "eclipse" cdep

this was a belgian band formed in the late 90s by some ex kindred dudes. while i dident really like kindred that much, i dig the shit out of these three songs. chunky, kinda groovy and slightly chaotic and off kilter, the sound falls somewhere between deadguy and unbroken. im currently trying to find their full length but without success so far.

brazen "as floods decrease" "10

this band was (is?) from geneva switzerland and started up in 1995....they started out playing some heavy unique moody posthardcore and then later moved into more melodic, sunny day real estate type stuff in the early-mid 2000's. i have no idea if this band is still active but i consider this "10/cd to be their defining masterpeice. to this day i havent heard another band that sounds like this......another testament to the diversity and vitality of hardcore in europe in the late 90s.......

goddess demo

this band was formed from the remains of jesuit and canephora, two powerhouses in their own rights, but this demo blows both those bands away.........i can honestly say that this is the best demo ive ever heard.......if converge was half the band people think they are theyd be playing stuff like this.....evil obliterating metallic hardcore, the perfect result of the evolution of the sounds the members aforementioned bands began.......even bands like unruh or suicide nation pale in comparison with the sheer devastating quality of these 4 give my right nut if this band would get back together and record an lp.......if there was one demo that you had to spend the rest of your life listening to, let it be this one.

goddess demo

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

koreisch "this decaying schitzophrenic christ complex" cd

these guys hailed from sheffield, UK and where IMO undoubtably the most brutal abomination of a band to have ever been vomited forth from the UK.......made up of remnants of  the controversial vegan hardline group, slavearc, these guys take what slavearc was doing and dump several layers of fith and grime all over that sound,  make the voals more throat lacerating, cut and paste some gray wolves power electronics outtakes between tracks. this record came out in 1999 and it was a landmark of sorts as i cant think of any bands doing this sort of thing at that time.......anyways this black hole of energy dissapated quicky and members went on to form the kevorkian solution,who where basically the UK's answer to creation is crucifixion.

tempo zero: 2 minuti d' odio lp

a decade after bands like raw power and negazione first brought italian hardcore to the attention of the world and a decade before bands like raein and laquiete resurrected international interest in that scene tempo zero was chugging along, playing some great fucking hardcore. remember soulside? rites of spring? if you do and if you dug them, youll dig the hell out of this.

one fine day s/t CD

this is the first cd (at least im pretty sure it is) from the italian band one fine day who existed in the late 90s from 1996-97 to 2001. the released a couple 7's and two cds. this CD was IMO their best material. a little swing kids, a smidge of groundwork, a dash of acrid and maybe just a pinch of "fanning the flames" era refused. quiet whispery parts that explode into a tortured screamy mess.

ecorche discography

ecorche hailed from lincoln nebraska in the late 90s and were among the first generation of bands (along with you and i, usurp synapse, saetia, ect) to get tagged with the dreaded "screamo" label. their discography consists of split "7s with foundation and her flyaway manner and a self titled "10 that came out on the italian label cycle records, run by adriano and luca of the band one fine day (whose stuff ill be putting up in future posts.) anyways ecorche played a style of hardcore that rapidly became en vouge in the late 90s and then just as rapidly desintegrated, a mix of screamy emotive fall-down-and-scream-into-your-guitar parts that would become a ubiquitous part of the "modern screamo" that reached critcal mass in the early 2000s and then got watered down beyond recognition, and more chunky "moshy" parts that served as a bridge to the older style of hardcore that was commonplace in the mid 90s. members went on to bright calm blue (who IMO, werent half as good as ecorche) ecorche discography

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ananda "profane" lp

this band used to play the typical "french emo/stonehenge records" sound but then morphed into an incredibly tight metal band after a lineup change.
possibly the best band to have ever come out of france............just crushing....if you like anything on perkoro you will dig the hell out of this......


rubbish heap s/t lp

i got into this band after seeing good reviews for their "path of lies" "7 in several zines in the late 90s......i got the "7 and it was as far as i can remember great, (i havent heard it in years due to my neglect to fix my turntable needle for the past 8 years) anyways i was perusing the ebullition mailorder catalogue one day and saw that this lp was in stock so i ordered it........lead to a decade long love affair with this record......noisy and abrasive as fuck.....kinda like unsane if they got alot more gnarled and ugly than they already were.........or maybe rorschach if they got signed to AMREP........anyways they where from belgium and rocked the fuck out..

check it out below!

rubbish heap lp

so whats up?

this will be my music blog.....mainly somewhat obscure to really obscure stuff from the 90s/2000s...........hardcore/grind/emo/noise/whatever i feel like putting up.............