Friday, December 31, 2010

armstrongs secret nine "the corpse came calling" lp (1995)

its new years eve and i figure id make the most of the remaining 2 hours or so to bid 2010 a fond farewell with some of the best spastic party music ever made. kent ohio's armstrong's secret nine played crazy sloppy garagecore in the vein of fellow kentites harriet the spy and (early) party of helicopters..........really really good shit and i suppose its even better when your drunk off your ass, so do yourself a favor and check this shit out!

just wish i had someone to kiss when the ball drops.....oh well.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

proudentall "whats happening here?" (2001)

they always knew how to do that mathy. dreamy indie rock stuff right in KC and proudentall was one of the brightest examples of how the bands of that city prefected the formula.....this was their only full length and its much more polished and lacking the raw goosebump-giving energy of their earlier releases, but the emotion at the core of their music remains. most of these tracks are tight and focused with mostly clearly sung vocals over angular rythms that change gradually over the course of the songs......theres even an instrumental in there with a  sax that is sorta reminiscent of sweep the leg johnny........anyways beautiful music, beautiful artwork, good lyrics, not sure if i can find any serious shortcommings with this just sucks that they had to disband after this one....highly recommended.

Monday, December 6, 2010

smorgasbord "rhythm through vaseline (1997)

smorgasbord were a norwegian band that played turbocharged noisy punkcore, kinda like a more hardcore turbonegro with some heavy unsane influences and vocals close to misfits era-danzig. too bad the production was kinda shitty and the recording as a whole sounds kinda muddy and clouded over. still the intensity shines through and i think youll still be rockin to this in record time.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

reflector "where has all the melody gone?" (2000)

the only full length by this criminally overlooked KC band of the late 90s-early 2000s. where has all the melody gone? looks like its all been packed into this album. smooth and melodic, even when it gets intense and dischordant, these dudes know how an when to hit all the right notes. i was never sure why they never got more props........i guess it had alot to do with there being a glut of bands around at the same time from the same general area playing along the same general lines........the major difference being reflector playing music of a far superior caliber than the faceless hordes whose names are lost to history...proudentall were another victim of this syndrome.......and both bands were being overshadowed by casket lottery at the time as well......anyways do yourself a huge favor check this shit out now!