Friday, April 1, 2011

concrete "nunc scio tenebris lux" (1999)

here we have another italian band, concrete, who seem to have been kicking around italy for a long time in the 90s making dark, scary complex hardcore...i bought this cd from ebullition back in 99 and have listened to it on and off for years........this might in fact be their last album, but i cant be sure of it........anyways they have a pretty big sound reminscent of stickfigurecarousel at times and systral at others.....the vocals really set it apart though...their sung...not in a shitty "grunge" or "hard rock" way, but very melodically, multiple members of the band sing together, or at least thats what it sounds like, anyways its all in italian which puts more of their own unique spin on it...there are harsh vocals too, but not so harsh that the human element is gone......just very strained yelling.....anyways this band is great, its just too bad that i know so little about them...

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