Saturday, March 19, 2011

sah 06/06 (2007)

another band hailing (hailed? the might have broken up, i have no idea) from my neck of the woods, the upper peninsula of michigan. sah was the first "yooper" band i became aware of  a few years back.....this place isnt generally where i expect to find mindblowing music, i always thought the U.P. was rather sterile when it came to the subcultural stuff like indie rock/hardcore, but the more i dig, the more im proven wrong. anyways sah play huge complex wandering tapestries of sound lasting 10-13 minutes each (at least on this record) very angular aggressive stuff with only sparse vocals. its hard to pin down an exact comparison for their sound and the best i can do is a more complex land of the wee beasties (i know, too obscure a reference point for most people, but hey, what can you do?) all in all these 5 songs put the band's superb musicianship on full display. top notch, top shelf, top whatever, these guys are at or at least very near the pinnacle of flowing semi-instrumental indie rock/hardcore. for any fan of music comming out of michigan as of late this is essential. one of the hidden gems this blog was created to disseminate.

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