Sunday, March 27, 2011

gnu "srdce v kusech zvuku" (1999)

the czech republic is known (at least to me) for its epic, intricate, thoughtful bands....bands that take the hardcore/punk template and inject it with their own unique czech flavor..gnu is no exception to the rule. this is one of their earlier albums and i believe the title translates as "heart sound in pieces" (at least according to my google translator).....they manage to make music thats noisy, artful (as opposed to arty) and powerful all at the same time.......a little amrep here, a dab of emo there, and lyrics all sung in czech, which are therefore indecipherable to me (google translator would again come in handy if i had a lyricsheet). you dont have to understand the lyrics to be swept along in their musical journey though. just really excellent music from a band that im sure only a handful of people on this side of the atlantic have heard.

check it out:

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  1. Actually it is translated as Heart in the pieces of sound. Great album though