Monday, March 21, 2011

stella "7 (1995)

so this came out in the mid 90s on grafton records, a label i know jack shit about, for that matter i know jack shit about this band either, (i think they were from california, maybe berkely?) but holy hell is this shit catchy and addictive. female fronted, musically its that mid 90s "emo" schwing, but with the jagged edges and chaos mostly ironed out of it, but with just enough roughness to keep them from falling into the syrupy pop bullshit territory of a band like pohgoh. maybe similar to a band like endive or the waltz......anyways its obscure, its good and you need to hear it.



  1. Stella (Auburn [Syracuse], NY) came from the ashes of a band called Underside. Andi Camp, who did Grafton Records played bass in Underside and was the bassist/vocalist for Stella alongside Greg Dopko on guitar (who played drums in Underside) and his brother Jeff on drums (who played in a cool alt-rock band in the area, The Great Divide). Underside vocalist, Mark Lynn, went on to form Uranium 9 Volt with members of Monsula after the demise of Underside.

    Andi also played in a band called Ribbon Fix.

  2. Wow.
    If anyone wants this cd ep (it's not a 7"), I'll send you one for, say $2, to cover postage. I have quite a few and they're cluttering up the basement.

    -Andi Camp

  3. ahh, thanks! always great to get new accurate input! i could find nothing on this band, even searching google

  4. i wrote into your blog a comment! (just in case you only subscribed this)