Friday, February 25, 2011

anyone play uncharted 2?

multiplayer anyone?

name: thuglifebaldwin

hit me up!

thoughts of ionesco footage from way back (1998)

you can hear sean (at least i think its him) going "shut up!" over and over again at the end of this.....mental breakdowns at the ends of sets are always great........anyways fucking savage as always.....

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

to the north "landscapes" ep (2007)

again, this is a newer release than im used to the north are (were?) from australia and play a slithering, flowing, almost jazzy style of indie/hardcore in the vein of braid or kolya with mostly spoken word vocals....this came out on yellow ghost records, which seems to be the go to label for "DIY screamo" down under...really good stuff that no one on this side of the pacific has really taken note of.....check it out!

to the north "landscapes" ep

hey folks

its been a minute since my last laptop screen got fucked...who knew sony made such flimsy, shitty screens........anyways i gotta send this thing to arizona to get least they are supposed to be fast (2 days or less) so im outta commission for a little while.....hang in there because ive got more awesome shit for you to hear soon!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

snowing: "fuck your emotional bullshit" (2009)

this is something a bit newer than im used to posting.......snowing are a band from lehigh valley PA.......not sure if there is a chumpire connection but shitloads of other bands from that general area do.........anyways i missed these guys when they played downstate with 1994! back in early january because of some severe stomrs that made driving downstate almost impossible.......really wish i could see these dudes in the summer or some time of the year when there isnt 10 feet of snow on the ground because this is a great fucking album.......musically think braid/rockets & bluelights with cracked squawky headset vocals that are a dead ringer for fred thomas of lovesick......really offkey quirky catchy shit that i could listen to all day......i dont really pay much attention to alot of new bands but outfits like snowing are making me reassess my "hardcore has been oversaturated and killed off by all these godawful "nu-emo" bands over the past seven years" position.........highly recommended!

Friday, February 4, 2011

BETARORIC - 987654321 cd (2000)

really good spastic hardcore from columbus ohio in the style of most of the stuff that came out on witching hour at the same time..they hailed from columbus ohio and were very decent live and nice people from what i remember......extremely good and underrated stuff.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

elektrolochmann "whatever the occasion" ep (2003)

back in the late 90s/early 2000s when i was consuming basically every hardcore record that came out of germany, elektrolochmann  were one of the names i'd come accross but because of their supposed "crappy indie rock" leanings, never checked out.......apparently nanouk, drummer of costas cake house was also behind the kit in this band (which hailed from stuttgart...i think) which was otherwise all female.......apparently they all had their fingers in different pies themselves as well.......the singer was/is a screenwriter, one of the others was in fashion and i forgot what the other one did......anyways this is pretty laid back yet noisy math/indie rock that is pretty much at the perfect center between the math and the indie........meaning  not too much noise, yet not too much sappiness either.....a perfect balance you might say.......smooth female vocals remind me alot of the girl from monochrome, the music also is in the monochrome/very late dawnbreed vein.......but overall they sound closest to atombombpocketknife but wayyy more relaxed....(her vocals on "remake my day" even sound like justin sinkovich from ABPK) if this EP is any indication of their overall body of work, im going to have to hunt down the rest of their discography.........