Monday, March 7, 2011

phillipe "the essence continues" (1999)

here we have another release from the miles-deep well of late 90s german hardcore. phillipe were formed from the ashes of another hardcore band called guinea pig (who sounded alot like 400 years) in 1997 or so. during their breif existence the recorded a few 7's and an lp, (the essence in numbers, which came out on flowerviolence the same year as this cd) which is this recording..........they played a very DC style of emo vaguely similar to bands like trans megetti, gray matter or nation of ulysses but also resembling fellow countrymen, ENIAC and the craving.......sparse sounding angular stuff with screamy vocals that kinda get buried under the music. very decent and certainly something that has been overlooked and a band id reccommend without a second thought.

the essence continues.

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  1. Hello!
    Thx for this one!...
    "The Essence in Numbers" LP is maybe one of my fav records. I fond of the guitare sound (Orange rules!)
    I saw them a long time ago, somewhere in Luxembourg and they were incredible!
    Thx again and take care