Thursday, March 24, 2011

doppler/marvin split "7 (2005)

two bands from france, one which i know well and have posted multiple releases from on this blog, the other unknown to me totally. ill start with the known: doppler presents us with another amazing intricate emotionally charged epic...but then again, "epic" is this band's default mode....never less than the superbness expected of them........marvin on the other hand...............well upon my first listen, they have some retooling to do before id consider listening to them on a regular basis......they as a band seem to be driven by a moog.....its the centerpeice of the band and IMO, thats never a good drowns out the guitar/drums, both of which were doing interesting things when i could hear them in the empty spaces where the moog wasnt suffocating them...their two songs are starting to grow on my a little, but they still have a ways to go......soundwise, think trans am, but heavier. anyways check it out, at least for the doppler song, you might end up liking marvin as well!

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