Friday, August 23, 2013

R. vomisa cassi ep (2012)

now that im on a mini roll of sorts, heres an album from R. vomisa cassi, who hail from budapest hungary......this came out last summer, i was unaware of it till a nice dude from the band directed me to their band camp from tumblr........5 songs of fast chaotic hardcore with prominent high end and a melodic undercurrent flowing through the sound.....reminds me alot of  those old german bands on love records like sog and stale.  the vocals sound like a little kid at times and it takes away from the music somewhat, but overall this is a good outing from a band thats very new to me.....check it out.

R. vomisa cassi

Thursday, August 22, 2013

boilerman - loss leaders (2013)

today im back with another new record. this time from chicago's boilerman, who i've been into for a while now.......they possess a skillset that seems to have died out for the past decade: crafting excellent pop punk tunes that are rough edged, stripped down and memorable without the extraneous sappy shit/polished sound that alot of bands who go this route had....this record pretty much continues the band's flightpath over the past couple EPs and tapes......just fucking top shelf pop punk, not much more to say about it than that.....its not the most innovative sound, and hasn't been for a long time, but they do everything right and pretty much max out the potential of the genre.....if you want cutting edge math grind, look elsewhere.......if you want tunefull catchy pop punk thats still rough enough to earn the hardcore tag, by all means, check this shit out..........definitely a top ten record of the year.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

speedy ortiz - major arcana (2013)

well after a month and a half im problems have prevented me from doing much of anything. that has been somewhat remedied, but my posting will probably still be sporadic for a while......anyways this record is the best thing i've heard this year, edging out amazing offerings from red hare, gay kiss, even cloud rat.........its that good.......speedy ortiz have nailed the 90s alt-sound with perfection. frontwoman sadie dupuis  has a voice that falls somewhere between tracy bonham and juliana hatfield (IMO) and has a knack for writing awesome lyrics. the band is just so fucking on point musically and lyrically...i haven't heard anyone playing stuff like this this good in years.....every song is amazing.  after a few listens, i'm having no trouble putting this record at the top of the pile for 2013........definate must listen.