Sunday, July 31, 2011

the shortwave channel "bright lights, they hurt" (1998)

hey, sorry about the updates getting fewer and futher between but im in burn-out mode yet again and im kinda taking a vacation from the whole thing right now......but im still posting shit as i see fit  =)   anyways this band was from san diego and played some arty weird stuff that went over pretty well with the gravity/GSL crowd back in the day......keyboard and bass driven "hardcore" (i have to use the term very loosely in regards to this band) that bounces around and moves pretty well....kinda suprised i like this as much as i do, considering that i hated 99.8%  of the GSL catalog (this band was much more on the dancy, arty GSL side than the noisy chaotic gravity style) anyways if you like white belts, tight pants (not in the modern douchebag style ) and weird haircuts, this is probably for you.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

searchingforchin / the wake split cd (2002)

ontario and michigan team up for a split of noisy screamy hardcore. searchingforchin (first 4 songs) was an ontario band that played detroit alot in the early 2000s and seemed to be associated with alot of the detroit bands around that time.....anyways their sound is in line with alot of the bands playing the tech-core stuff at the time.........reminds me of a less impressive born under saturn, but with alot more "emo" influence. the wake, who is responsible for the last 5 songs on this record, was a detroit band who i saw plenty of times between 2000-2003. brutal live, jihad covers 'n all, they were a force to be reckoned with.....on record they play furious emo tinged metallic hardcore that is very complimentary to searchingforchin, however they do it with a bit more palpable force than SFC......if SFC took the born under saturn route, then the members of the wake must have been listening to alot of canephora when they recorded this, as their sound comes off in that vein alot (IMO) anyways this is a split from two underappriceated bands that got lost in the shuffle.........check it out.

Friday, July 8, 2011

stale "musique liquide" 2xlp (2000)

the last record from this stuttgart band with its original lineup intact......this is the pinnacle of the band as well.........sometimes shuffling, sometimes exploding, every song here is an epic in its own way.......a billion influences crashing together and melding to create something truely beautiful and really is a galaxy of sound........and yet another record that i spent years digging for.....this was a double lp. what is presented here are 3 sides of it...........the last side was some electronic collages which i didnt care for much so their not included........its criminal that so few people have ever heard of this the 15 years ive been listening to them, ive met zero people who knew who they were.......hell, even internationally ive met maybe 3-4 people who did......anyways its a must........

Monday, July 4, 2011

in absentia "the transformed lay fire" (2008)

happy independence day n all that that thats out of the way, i bring you a band from arizona who played long complex songs with a kind of laid back, but at the same time, metallic feel. very entrancing winding, slithering epics....sometimes it has a cars get crushed others its vaguely reminiscent of tarantula hawk....then a little loudness ala early isis or even unruh works its way into the pattern.......members came from existi and went on to ghost snares...a record i recommend for those of you who like to be challenged by records.......