Wednesday, June 27, 2012

faulter "7 (1998)

this is something ive been meaning to post, but i always got sidetracked before i could post it. this came out on the japanese label, denied a custom, in 1998. these guys hailed from staten island and played blazing, blistering hardcore with a grindy edge......musically somewhere in the neighborhood of ulcer, in/humanity and devola. really good, obscure stuff thats fallen by the wayside unfortunatly.....people really need to get on this shit........

faulter "7

Degollado - Summer Nights

Saturday, June 23, 2012

cloud rat/witchs tit/wett nurse/two sunrises 6/22/12, merlot mansion, marquette.

well im back, at least for the duration of this post.........went to my first show since january last night at a nice little basement in marquette known as the merlot freinds cloud rat headlined and a bunch of local bands who i knew next to nothing about opened.  i actually missed the first band, (some kind of noise act) while talking to madison and rorik (cloud rat) outside.......the next band, two sunrises, set up and played some really great post/indie rock, somewhere between explosions in the sky and archers of loaf. excellent stuff from a band i hope to hear/see more of in the future. witchs tit was the next band up......huge intense stuff....two drummers, guitar and bass.....somewhere between sludge and noise rock....kinda reminded me of an old kalamazoo band, any case hot stuff. then the main event, cloud rat, took the stage and totally fucking levelled everyone and everything.....michigans best current band? id have to say yes. some of the loveliest, freindliest people youll ever meet? that too. i couldnt ask for more from a group of indiviuals playing this type of music. i already miss them....but ill be seeing them again next month at michigan meltdown (along with a ton of other bands) so this parting is only a temporary sorrow. lastly, wett nurse closed the night with some dancy catchy space/psych pop........they kinda reminded me of the make up or some other dancy yet outta control pop-ish DIY bands from the seemed like a ton of people showed up when they started playing too, all in all a great night was had and i hope to see all these bands and people again very soon!

two sunrises

witchs tit

cloud rat

wett nurse

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

rhythm of black lines s/t ep (1999)

this austin tx band rose from the ashes of the hades kick and kodiak and also contained members of paul newman and at the drive in (a surprise to me) i remember when this record came out and being mildly interested, since i was into alot of austin bands at the time (employer employee, kodiak, slave one, tune in tokyo, among others) but then losing interest after hearing that it was "boring indie rock".......well now im kickin myself over that.......a decade after the fact and im finally seeing this band for the greatness they were.......very flowing spacey, echo-ey, stuff thats strongly reminsicent of fellow austonians paul newman (though i guess it shouldnt be much of a surprise since paul newman himself was in this band) theres a bit of late period cars get crushed influence here as well.......really melodic, catchy stuff that still manages to be a force unto itself.........they seem to have been active from 1999-2004 and achieved a fair profile in some indie/post rock circles........highly recommended......

Friday, June 1, 2012

the quad: goddard/motel mattress/debate/campbell trio 4 way split (2012)

im kinda back on a roll right now...feels good to be active again........anyways this is a 4 way split between two american and two brazilian bands who are all on the upswing right now...........things start off with worcester mass's goddard, who ive loved since their first "7, with the song "50/50".......its a jerky, mathy, rockin affair that melts into a slow burning groove that slowly builds back into a mathy outburst and then into some atmospheric riffing to end the track...excellent stuff and a clear progression from the EP and full length (both of which were great) secondly we have motel mattress, who are also from somewhere in mass............they play spastic mathy guitar/drum chaos, a little reminiscent of lighting bolt (with guitar instead of bass of course) its pretty good and im kinda kicking myself for not being able to see both them and goddard live in marquette a month or two we get to the brazilian representatives of the split...........debate is first up and surprised the hell out of me by playing a great fucking tune........their sound  lies somewhere between burning airlines and bluetip, maybe with a little regulator watts thrown in for good measure.....very "DC" currently trying to hunt down other records of their but so far without luck........just diggin that shit so much..........finally fellow brazilians campbell trio rounds out this split with some passionate explosive emotional hardcore reminiscent of alot of the stuff that went on in the early 2000s in europe (yage, the jukebox scenario, la quiete, ect) this song is a burner and is equal to the rest of their recorded output (their "7 was great as well and im still trying to get a digital copy of it)  jazzy feel at times too............all in all this is a great fucking record, exposing you to 4 bands most people, in all probability, haven't heard. pick it up if you can find it, you'll be doing yourself a huge favor.