Wednesday, March 16, 2011

existi "vein & wire" (2003)

hailing from the deserts of arizona, existi  terrorized basements and VFW halls accross the west coast and southwest between 1999 and 2004. im not intimately familiar with the band but i think this is their last release. if you took  fellow arizonans unruh, locked them in a studio with canephora, moss icon, and any random black metal and free jazz bands, youd come up with an overall sound that roughly approximates what can be heard on this record. they were one of those bands that did a million things in one song, ragged crusty metallic riffs and harsh mike edwards-esque vocals one second, twinkly emoish stuff and sung vocals the next, and jazzy interludes a few seconds after that. there seem to be a shitload of bands that have jumped on this trend but are doing it all wrong.....they all sound like a band of chris burkes trying to play this style when compared to existi, who did this stuff quite early in the game and pretty much perfected it. of course they never really got the credit they deserved and seem to have been overshadowed by other arizona bands that had larger followings (unruh, suicide nation, wellington, ect) anyways this is well worth your check it out already!

members went on to in absentia (who were fucking awesome too) and ghost snares.

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  1. Kyle from Existi here. I appreciate your appreciation. Much love to you my friend. Pre 9/11 terrorcorejazzfuck with a side of pureed frustration. If the stars align and Existi reunites, this may be the working title for the new album. Cheers!