Friday, March 25, 2011

damp hay "middlewestern" (2010)

from des plaines illinois and featuring members of 90s chicago staples, sidekick kato, damp hay hit the scene with some beautiful early 90s style rough edged melodic indie rock EXACTLY in the style of archers of loaf and to a lesser extent, superchunk. everything about the sounds in each of these 6 songs is perfect. recalling an era of getting mixtapes from freinds with the archers, shudder to think and superchunk on one side and jihad, groundwork and rorschach on the other side and it didnt sound weird to me. they were all just "underground" regardless of style or thats all a relic of the past. the musical landscape is unrecognizable from what it was 10 years ago or more.....anyways to come back from my wandering rant, this record is a blast from a fondly remembered past, tousel-haired rock that you can put on for a long drive to anywhere. dischordant, melodic, and full of heart. one of the best damn bands around right now. id expect to hear bigger things from these dudes, provided there are enough people out there who actually remember this kind of sound.

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