Saturday, January 30, 2010

quixote "protests of the weak" lp

quixote was joel wick's band after jihad broke up.......possibly one of the best midwestern bands from the mid 90s-early 2000s youve never heard of........tense, loud explosive muscular mathrock that takes you on a rollercoaster ride of sound.......this stuff was pretty typical of kalamazoo in the 90s.......this was their last record, it came out in 2000.

castor rare and unreleased tracks

obscure and unreleased tracks from this illinois band who turned emotive indie rock into an artform.........hailing from champaign-urbana, the same town(s) as hum and the poster children......castor's music was made for sunny summer afternoons when you have nothing to do but watch the sunlight cast shadows on your livingroom floor......really breezy, tuneful, yet emotionally resonant stuff that makes you wanna hike through fields and woodlots in the least thats what i always get the urge to do when im listening to their first lp.......anyways this is a collection of rare comp songs and demos never released.....

Friday, January 29, 2010

colossamite/white tornado split "7

the best colossamite (minneapolis) song paired with the best white tornado (italy) song...a brilliant split is what we have here ladies & gentlemen.......two great and vastly underrated bands laboring to create something great..........noise rock at its best......

conation "the dichotomy of earth and the human race" cd

conation was probably the best australian hardcore band of their era... (late 90s/early 2000s) harsh, yet emotive but never sappy or grating, they managed to make beautiful melodies and brutal noise coherently and  meld these offsetting sounds seamlessly......a listen to this album, which came out in 2001, brings to mind bands as diverse as stack, portrait, envy, rorschach and even city of caterpillar......this is for me at least, a landmark album for australian hardcore/punk....political lyrics, real emotion...setting the bar high for bands to come........its just too bad that their followup, "troubled waters and fortresses"wasnt nearly as good.........they seemed to have decided to go in a pop punk direction for that record with not-so-good results.....but this one is a killer......have a listen.........

Thursday, January 28, 2010

hamilton "from this wicked fall" "7

this livonia michigan band was active between 1997-1999 and played some really good chaotic chugging noisy hardcore.....they where great the one time i saw them.........will appeal to those who like the chug and those who like their fall-down-and-scream-into-your-guitar pickups stuff........members went on to enekephalin. this was their last release......

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

murdock "the story so far" (discography)

and here i am now to post a discography of sorts of my favorite staten island band, murdock.....these dudes are yet another in the long line of underappriceated bands banging it out beneath the radar for years (in murdock's case, over a decade)..these guys have been in the game since 1995 and yet if i asked you if you knew who murdock is youd more than likely scratch your head and reply "fuck if i know"........anyways this is a raging pissed hyperactive noisefest that wont ever go easy on your ears....unless you listen(ed) to alot of the shit that came out of the ABC no rio scene in the early know, born against, hell no, rorschach, citizens arrest......these guys grew up on all that shit plus all the shit that was going on in san diego/southern cali in the same time period...think the gravity/ebullition sound.....throw in some traditional NYHC and your pretty much in their ballpark.......or in elway's case, hockey rink........hey frank, if your reading this, dont say i never gave you guys props!!! anyways this includes their "7 on goldtooth, split "7 with yaphet kotto that was supposed to come out on pushpull records but apparently never saw the light of day, split lp with devola which was supposed to come out on double decker records (i still dont know if this ever officially came out...ive never seen a copy) split "7 with yum yum tree and a full length cd that also as yet, has not come out.

feel free to tell me if i missed something!

facade burned black discography

one of my all time favorite virginia bands (and that state produced a shitload of good ones in the 90s) just classic sludgey noisy dirty ugly shit that hit the spot everytime.......for all the love bands like dystopia and lack of interest got, these guys seemingly got passed over.......i mean they deserve at least as many props as black army jacket right??????  anyways this has the "midwestern flames" lp, the "who will save the unwanted?""7. split "7's with laceration & 65 filmshow and comp guys will be sorely least by me!


another of the great catchy poppy punk bands from the gainesville FLA area in the mid 90s........and one of the few bands ive heard to not have any bad recorded material (that ive heard)......this shit is catchy as hell........dreamy, noisy, melodic.....the LP has an almost MBV/shoegazer quality at times while the "7 is more in-line with all the bands on no idea in the 90s......"dynamic ribbon device" on the "7 and "planetstruck" on the lp are standout tracks for me.....members went on to the beat buttons, argentina and a couple other bands ive forgotten right now.....

lovesick s/t cd

if a band could ever be "locally legendary" then lovesick would fit the bill.....a band that definatly was remembered well in local circles but who was totally unknown to the "scene" at large........melodic buzzy, sorta sloppy emotive punk with fred's distinctive off key "dental headset" vocals topping it not sure ive ever seen a band more painfully sincere than lovesick......they gave their all every time i saw them  play, no bullshit, no posturing. just good honest music and lyrics....this cd came out on makoto in 2001..

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

stale: "mikro kosmos minatur leben" cdep

this band hailed from stuttgart germany and was made up of ex members of the old love records band SOG....they existed from 1994-2000...jazzy, rockin, dischordant and sometimes screamy expirimental hardcore that is/was unlike anything else........this was their second album.....

living under lies discography

ex talk is poison dudes ripping shit up in pissed off thrashy hardcore that isnt just fast....they have alot of  noisy dischordant slower parts that adds variety and uniqueness to their songs...sometimes you  can hear a hint of HHIG...sometimes born against....other times heroin....the "7 and split "7 with books lie thend to be thrashier and noisier while the LP is thicker and has a darker atmosphere to it....extremely good and extremely underrated.........better than the vast majority of 80s thrash revival bands that glutted the scene a couple years back......the discography consistes of the "7, split "7 with books lie and the selft titled LP. check this shit out! (PS: the coverart pictured is from the "7)

309 chorus "7

this was a milwaukee band from the early-mid 90s........very droning tense early neurosis meets lincoln........they went on to do a split cd with zed from philadelphia . members of this band relocated to portland and formed the hugely underappriceated  machine that flashes.........

Monday, January 25, 2010

colossamite "frisbee" cd

three great songs on a peice of plastic plus a frisbee............this minneapolis band never failed to deliver.......noisy, spastic and twangy stuff that doesnt really fit in any category......i guess noise rock would be the closest identification...........have a go!

network 34 discography cd

i want to apologize for my convoluted fourfa emo definition rant in this post ahead of time but i feel distinctions needed to be made in describing this band's style and general scene......

excluding all the indie rock/sappy shit that started in the mid-late 90s there where two recognizable schools of so called "real emo" the arty, fashion conscious "san diego style" of all the gravity records bands (and bands from other parts of the country that emulated that stuff) and the more earthy, punky emo style played accross the country by bands like bev clone, plunger, chino horde, constantine sankathi and yes, network 34.... these guys where from newark delaware and played that screamy rough edged, sparse sounding stuff that was simplistic and somewhat badly recorded but nonetheless managed to transmit so much emotion and energy, especially not saying network 34 where the best of these bands or even among the best, but they had that certain thing that most of the good bands of the genere had.....its hard to describe and it dosent really come through in most of the recordings but if youve ever seen a band like william martyr 17 or bevclone or network 34 live i dare say youd recognize what im talking about instantly....its just that certain emotional connection these bands made with their audiences that left a lasting impression and contributed to the fond memories alot of people have for this stuff........a band like constantine sankathi wouldent have had their "7s sell for 50 bucks on ebay or have even been remembered at all if it werent for this energy i speak of......

the cd came out on planaria about a decade ago. anyways check it out for yourself

Saturday, January 23, 2010

outcry - 8 song cd/lp

this spanish band existed in the late 90s and sounded alot like a more ameteur rorschach......very loud and brutal...........there are hints of the canadian sound in there too.....a little uranus, a little drift.......overall this band/record was pretty good.......its just too bad this band and spanish bands as a whole never got their due.....

jeno "afterbirth" cd

this was another one of those long forgotten denver bands on bad people records......jeno existed in the late 90s  and played charging grindy hardcore that sounded alot like a sped up citizens arrest with two darryl kahans singing for them.......low growly vocals and more traditional "hardcore shouting" vocals......this cd includes the "drained" "7 and also the demo (i think) .......for me their best song was on the "hymns for the hearing impaired" comp........that was the one that gave me the initial "citizens arrest" feeling moreso than alot of these songs do......anyhow this is well worth your time so check it out:

the fire next time "sound of a threat" cd

this band was from goleta califorina and existed from 1999-2001 and featured hopscotch/sound virus records "mogul" mike ott and sometime HaC columnist/dimmak records founder/this machine kills frontman turned shitty hollywood DJ steve aoki........unlike this machine kills, the fire next time is actually a damn good band......if you can deal with all the cliched revolution and black panther bullshit.......i am one of those people who can get past the mumia abu jamal samples and bad black panther poetry to see the music for what it is....damn fine rockin intense semimelodic hardcore that only seemed to exist in california and that only ebullition seemed to have a knack for putting out...if you liked former members of alphonsin or anything mike krisch has ever done (especially please inform the captain this is a hijack or bread and circuits) then its a pretty sure bet youd like this..............its also the only musical output featuring steve aoki thats stood the test of time for me.......

Friday, January 15, 2010

adapter problems..........

well my adapter took a shit and now i have to get another on 50% battery power so i have to conserve whats left till i can get a new battery charger/ac mind intrusion HQ will be touch n go for a while till that happens.........

in the meantime check out whats been posted so far and enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

ka-tet "no offense to the dead" "10

this california band featured members of amendment 18, nemirah, the rosewell project, fauves and quite sattelite. musically they were kind of a mix of botch and karp,,,noisy repetitive hardcore with somewhat snotty vocals....i havent really heard too many bands like it...or maybe im just running out of bands to compare other bands any case check it out below:

soar discography

ok so i took a little longer posting this than i thought.....anyways this was the band that formed after season called it quits in 98.........this was recorded in 1999 and is some vicious fucking barbed-wire metallic hardcore with high pitched screaming....kinda reminds me of jihad but with a lot more rage and speed involved.......fucking great stuff.........

soar (hopefully the right link this time)

stickfigurecarousel "7 (schema) + split "7 w/linsay

this san diego band played abrasive somewhat moshy midpaced hardcore with alternating harsh/singy vocals. one of the bands that got unfairly overshadowed by all the other more popular san diego bands in the mid 90s, not the least being unbroken.......anyways if you like threadbare your in for a treat here.......this also includes the song from their split with linsay which came out in 1998 after they got back together briefly.....that song is not nearly as good as the schema "7  and sounds too much like a deftones outtake for my taste........anyways enjoy!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

point of few s/t "7

more blazing fast dutch sXe hardcore from the late 90s........thrashy/screamy/noisy as fuck........reminds me a tad of infest if they had their sound updated quite a bit........maybe just a tiny bit more metallish and chaotic.......lyrics are more political than alot of sXe bands....wish id gotten a chance to see them as they would probably tear my fucking head off live.....

point of few

catweazle "cash and pain remain" cd

raging fast dutch hardcore from the mid 90s.......members went on to shikari.......really really good!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

degarne "trugerische stille" "7

german band of the mid 90s that sounded like a rougher rorschach.........very vicious jagged edged hardcore with ragged vocals that remind me of drift (canadian band).....just one more reason to love germany in the 90s...........

sora: "sora! sora! sora!" cd

this polish band plays a style similar to the "northcore" set of german bands that were active in the late 90s, especially loxiran.......very chunky, thrashy hardcore with lots of stop-start parts and hyperactive vocals.....i havent heard too many great bands from poland but these guys definatly qualify! also it seems most eastern european bands, good or not, never get the same press as american and to a lesser extent, western european/japanese bands do, so im putting all my blogging force behind this one....(well what little readership ive got...hahah!)

36 daggers "kalpa minutes" cd

this band was from serbia and existed from 2002-2006. melodic punk/hardcore in the vein of stonetelling but with a slightly harsher edge to it.....IMO very southern california sounding with just a hint of DC......its so damn catchy........i swear i listened to this on repeat for 2 months in 2004.......check it out!

cut "7

while their compatriots where playing the fast/melodic/screamy sound france became known for  in the mid 90s, these guys were opting for a much ulgier, noisier sound.......something i havent heard from any french band (or really any band) since............the sound occupies the nebulous space between  that old german band abyss and maybe deadguy.............the vocals are strained and remind me alot of the guy who sung for ice 9/mahjas...........maybe a little AMREP style in there as well.......overall one of those uncatagorizable bands from the mid 90s.......


krakatoa "clouds burned by sunshine" "7

ex threadbare alumni doing some kinda grooving hardcore with old school metal riffs..came out in 1997....sorta reminds me of that old swedish band shield, but with harsher vocals and more of a groove.....this was alot better than the cd that got released on trustkill a number of years after this came out....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

tantrum "as the frontier bursts into view" lp

furious noise from montpellier france............definatly in the hydrahead vein....but better than most of the bands on that label........also has somewhat of an amrep type thing going on at times.......ugly and noisy as hell........very underappricated band, even in europe..........

florence and libby lp

ok, so i thought this band was alot older than they apparently mid 90s old..........apparently this was recorded quite recently? anyways this came out on chumpire and sounds a hell of alot like lovesick......i mean even the vocals remind me of fred thomas at times.....really clattery rough melodic hardcore that doesnt really sound like anyone...besides lovesick....this is one of those records id recommend to just about anyone i cross paths with that is remotely interested in DIY punk/hardcore/whatever......yea, its that good.

buttercup "in hand and underfoot" "7

i believe this band was from harrisburg PA........this came out on chumpire in the mid 90s and has a somewhat messy recording frantic noisy hardcore with a few traces of melody here and there........if you like assfactor 4, insult to injury, cornelius or anything like that youll love this.

pressgang "faith: the sturdy backbone of a healthy society" cd

this band was from pittsburg in the mid-late 90s and played punk/hardcore somewhat similar to swiz...though no at all an exact clone.......vocals are rough and scratchy..lyrics are great........."empty buildings" and "youve come a long way baby"  are my personal favorite tracks here....this band definatly fell through the cracks.......

faith: the sturdy backbone.......

wallside "from the sky" cd

im getting a bit more local with this one.......wallside hailed from livonia michigan in the mid-late 90s and played some hyperactive emo tinged screaming hardcore that was musically similar to "steal the jet keys" era trans megetti with more noise, intensity, and harsher vocals.....they also had a bit of a sabbath thing going at times too, which would be much more evident in the post-wallside band, inside five minutes. anyways i saw them 3 times and they never failed to rock intensely. anyways  this was their only full length, it came out on the rather maligned makoto label in 1998 and to my knowledge is OOP....(let me know if a label is actually repressing this record, as makoto has been defunct for a number of years now)

godspeed "swimmers ear" cd

another ex turning point band here.......including the one dude who passed away in 2003 whos name i can never remember...........anyways i got hooked on this band a few years ago after years of seeing this record in used bins evweywhere and copping a copy.........this is a style of music that literally couldent exist in 2010.......the style here is too far removed from anything going on today to be recognizable to anyone but the oldest and cagiest "scene" vets.......just great unique melodic hardcore......for some reason i want to call this band the flipside of prema (a band i dug for a long time and still spin regularly) as that band also did a sound that was off the beaten path of hardcore in the early-mid 90s.....

anyways check it out!

seven gone cd

so this band was steve crudello's band after turning point.....they where compared to kerosene 454 by a random heartattack reviewer.........i can kinda see that, but not much.......mostly its post hardcore as it was played in the early 90s.....some weird reptitive chords and shouted vocals........pretty decent most of the time........

Friday, January 8, 2010

sleepasaurus "its all been written down and i still dont feel any better"

great simple poppunk from NYC back in  the day.........still listen to this album every week........

...and i have to say the artwork for their "master of muppits" "7 is/was genious!


greenmachine "D.A.M.N." CD

long running japanese sludge masters right here....this record was released in 1996.....if you like newer stuff like tafkata, this record would be right up your alley. sludgy yet rockin, this record pulverizes from beginning to end.........highlight of the album for me was "cunt maniac".......amazing song.....score some weed and enjoy..........

crankbait "anatomy of self abuse" cd

hailing from arkansas in the mid 90s......super grimey bass driven grooving sludge/noise in the vien of man is the bastard or maybe even enewetak if they were guitarless and played slower.........harsh vocals and samples aplenty............the vocals actually sound like a hacksaw ripping through a 2x4 at times....super harsh.......and super good!

all is suffering "mauthausen" "7

probably the best crust/black metal/hardcore bands of the past 20 years....from maryland and existed from 1997-2004 or in that general timeframe...just epic, pulverizing stuff......the song "mauthausen" is a masterwork of sound..........i cant recommend this record or band highly enough......they have a full length on crucial blast that contains this "7, i advise everyone to pick that up as soon as possible.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

hell no "adios armageddon" lp

from the ashes of citizens arrest, hell no arose. dirty, rockin and slightly fucked up........managing to sound like no other band..........if all NYHC was this good i might have a different opinion of it....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

vitreous humor "posthumous" cd

one of the best bands from the midwest ever. period. started up in the late 80s and broke up in the late 90s after several rather high profile tours and major label contract offers.....anyways this was the ;ast thing they released....mostly odds and ends from other records on this one....kind of a sampling of their sound...poppy yet powerful and noisy......almost the perfect indie-pop-rock......if the raymond brake or archers of loaf get you off this will make you shoot loads on the ceiling.

paul newman "this is how it is lost" lp

when paul newman started up in austin texas in the mid 90s they where just another heavy dischordant hardcore band among many many bands who played the style in that time period.....however over a period of 5 years they morphed into a band capable of nimble, dreamy and atmospheric sounds similar to three mile pilot, cars get crushed (post "drag explosive") and boilermaker......this is their latest (maybe last? im not sure if this band is broken up or just on a long hiatus) and most nimble/dreamy/atmospheric offering to date...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

vanilla "social evening and french divorce" lp

this was one of the bands that originated the "french sound" of the mid 90s along with fingerprint, jasmine, peu etre ect....however this record shows a much more dynamic complex side of their music than their other records did........i dare say that this might be the best "french emo" record of all time, despite it not sounding like your typical jaunt through that genere.....this has more in common  with US "emo" bands of the mid 90s with its jangling guitar lines and explosions of angsty hardcore......this is a snapshot of the band in 1998, after their early stuff which was harder and faster, but before they ditched the hardcore element completely and tried to be no knife on "plays fantastique" in 2001 (for the record, that album was really good too) this lp came out on the rather controversial (at the time) conquer the world unlikely home for a band like this.....anyways ill cut the chitchat and let you get to the music:

social evening, french divorce.....

separation "10 (phyte records)

this record came out in 1998 on phyte and was by far the best thing this band ever did. fast, semimelodic, political, but not overbearingly so, punk-hardcore with just the slightest noisy tinge to it, from umea sweden...........really to the point no-bullshit music that is infinately listenable.....members went on to the international noise conspiracy and cult of luna...