Wednesday, March 23, 2011

engrave / to die for split cd (2000)

and now for a euro record that i spun literally nonstop for days when i got it back in 2000. two of the better, yet underrated, european bands of the time, share a peice of digitized plastic here. todiefor from italy and engrave from koln/cologne, germany. engrave has the first four songs, todiefor, the last 3. engrave played hectic, compact, noisy "northcore" in the vein of their bretheren, linsay and loxiran. tidiefor were more in an emotive, post-unbroken vein that leaned towards a slicker, more modern sound that would become common a few years later, yet their song structures were still traditional and rough enough to seperate then from  the nu-emo shitstorm that was to come and drown metallic mosh oriented hardcore almost entirely in the early-mid 2000s. all in all, an excellent record from two bands that play styles of hardcore that have, for the most part, been forgotten nowadays.

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