Tuesday, March 15, 2011

snowshoe priests "racquetfoot" ep (2010)

maybe the best band that currently hails from the upper peninsula of michigan (houghton). (presumably) named after the original snowshoe priest, fredrick baraga, who preached to the indians in the upper peninsula in the 1860s,  the snowshoe priests operate on the slightly noisier spectrum of post rock. IMO, they are on a steady climb to the top shelf of that genre alongside the older greats such as paul newman, tristeza, ect......musically im hearing similarities to spanakorzo, lemko hall, aloha, and explosions in the sky.  spans the spectrum from tense, nervous galloping tracks to nice flowing instrumentals to help you relax. hopefully these guys stick around for a while and get this area and its bands some much needed recognition.

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