Friday, March 18, 2011

saddest day cd (1999)

belo horizonte brazil, not exactly a place where you expect loud chaotic DIY hardcore to come from, its a place more associated with metal like sepultura and others, yet they did exist....i ordered this cd from ebullution back in 1999 and fell in love with it...didnt leave my cd player for a few not sure but i think .these guys might be the first "emotional hardcore" band to have come from brazil as i had never heard anything like these guys from that country before this. the songs were recorded in 1998...they had the moody loud/soft dynamics downpat even if they were a little sloppy.......their sound brings to mind threadbare, frail, still life and reversal of man, sometimes all in the same song.......lyrics of the personal/political variety with very indepth discussions of their meanings in the booklet that came with the cd if i remember right (i lost the cd and the packaging several years ago) one of the band members was from massachusetts and ran the label doublethink which this cd came out on if my memory serves me correct....anyways if your into the political, lyrically complex musically chaotic stuff thats bursting with sincerity, check this out!

(on a final note, what i consider their best track, "synesthesia", is unfortunatly not on here, it was on the comp lp "and they had tears in their eyes" on the norwegian label, lilacsky.....try and hunt it down if you can, lots of good stuf on that album)

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