Thursday, July 22, 2010

pneu "pince monseigneur" (2008)

im not sure what it is with france and 2 man bands but they seem to be everywhere there lately.......these two dudes are from tours and play some nasty complex shit very similar to countrymen 37500 yens.........maybe with a bit of chevreuil mixed usual with the vast majority of this french shit, its fucking excellent....cop this.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

brazen "orphaned" cd (2003?)

this was the first proper full length by this swiss band, i put them stylewise alongside bands like lvmen, gnu, doppler, ect. however, this cd and the split with kevlar, are a pretty radical departure from what they where doing before........the unique rhythmic noise slathered hardcore of the first "7 and the "as floods decrease" "10 was replaced by a more melodic, controlled concoction, they retained the moody and explosive character of their earlier releases but twisted it into something much more accessible. although i still love the early work, this cd has grown on me alot.....i dig the musicianship but im still not feelin the vocals......dude was better when he was screaming....anyways brazen dident fall off, they just morphed into something new while retaining the things that made their music unique and great in the first place.

Friday, July 16, 2010

the great unraveling discography

one of the long string of "tonie joy" bands.....began its existence a few months after UOA called it a day in 1995 and lasted until 1997-98. this includes their lp, the "space flight" "7 and the "angel rang virtue" "7 ....this was an extension of what UOA played but with more groove and repetitive riffs and a tad less chaos than their forebearers.........anyways i decided to post this in reminder of the UOA reunion shows happening this month (i learned about them too late in the game for me to actually marshall my resources and get my ass to the east coast for one of em)



JULY 24TH 2010






heres the sound:

great unraveling

Thursday, July 15, 2010

dolores "poison apple" "7 (1999)

this band came from  the marlyand/virginia area in the late 90s and played some of the ugliest hardcore ive heard in a long time.....mangled, noisy, messy, incredibly ugly.......a bit of a mosh feel at times, somewhat atmospheric and expirimental at others....actually reminds me of the old swiss band mine....for a long time i thought these guys where from europe (germany i thought) and only recently did i find that they where american.......anyways this shit kills, if it was a liquid it would be stored in bottles with EPA warnings on it......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

my winter jane "7 (199?)

another of those japanese indie rock/emo bands from the 90s (im guessing that this came out sometime in the mid-late 90s cause it definatly sounds like part of that era) that no one on this side of the pacific knew about......unlike alot of japanese bands the (female) vocals are sung in near perfect english........musically the first two songs are along the lines of braid or goodbye blue monday, melodic, rolling "midwestern" style 90s emo with just a slight edge of messiness and dischordance, the vocals remind me of allison of discount alot too.. the last two songs sound newer and have a slightly more modern, commercial sound.....the recording job is on par with most of the american bands playing this style in the same era......all in all this is a damn good record and y'all should check it out......

Monday, July 12, 2010

your adversary "3" cd (1999)

this band was from NYC and existed in the late 90s and featured ex members of the yum yum tree and future members of books lie. driving, rockin personal/political hardcore that was just catchy enough to get stuck in my head ("plan for long term growth" especially) male/female vocals interlace on most tracks making this a bit unique as there werent (and still arent) many bands utilizing male/female vocals together at the time (i only remember kill the man who questions and a few other crust and emo bands doing it back then)the only releases i remember that they had were this cd and a "7. anyways have a listen for yourself!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

mind intrusion mixtape #1

so i thought it would be fun to gather a few obscure tracks from some obscure bands and put em on a mixtape for all you guys/gals. this might turn into a (semi)regular thing depending on the feedback.

9 songs, 7 bands.


land of the wee beasties: "enter the jerk"

cowpers: "dont trust in me"

the greening: (pre reversal of man) "against their will"

held: "overdue"

hybris: "portraits defining"

hybris: "to remember why"

voices forming weapons: "soulchoir"

universal aka the mental toilet: "computer crash"

universal aka the mental toilet: "toilet in my head"

mixtape #1

Thursday, July 8, 2010

cripple kid / little dipper split (1998-9?)

i believe one of these bands was from ohio and one was from connecticut, though im not sure which is from where.....the came out in the late 90s and is a forgotten gem of 90s pop punk/indie rock. cripple kid starts things off with some huge noise drenched melodies and  a soaring skyhigh feel to their fresh pop/rock/punk, if you like the raymond brake, dinosaur jr, christie front drive or treepeople you'll blow wads over this......catchy great, amazing, fantastic, you know the deal............little dipper was somewhat more raw sounding but still melodic and catchy...maybe "4 minute mile" era get up kids with a somewhat rougher recording job? for me cripple kid wins this split but ill let you decide for yourself. anyways
brush off the dust, kick the tires and take 'er out for a spin!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

faith of blind "peep" (2002?)

the great majority of japanese bands never get any respect. sure, bands like GISM and forward have dedicated cultlike followings here in the US for all the maniacs who love that old buzzsaw "japcore" of the 80s (i personally could never stand that kind of stuff) but on the whole, if you where from japan and your band wasnt thrashy or weird and noisy nobody gave a shit. recently thats changed to a degree with bands like envy and killie garnering some international acclaim, but still shitloads of quality bands play out their lifecycles and breakup without any notice beyond japan's of blind is (or was, as i have absolutely no idea if this band is still going) one of those bands. formed in the early 90s and going strong for at least a decade. bits of dinosaur jr, braid and party of helicopters, stir in a little shoegaze, let it congeal and you have the framework for what this band is doing (or did). excellent wall of noise/pop punk/emo that is (was) unique and catchy.

check it out my brothas (and sistahs)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

groundstate "pinwheel cement driver"

this band was from detroit and existed in the mid 90s. this is the only record of theirs that im aware of. pretty typical moshcore/sXe related stuff that was very common during that era. good nonetheless. some "emo" instrumentals here and there too. members were also in a few other bands (the ska bands skalars and telegraph) this cd is almost impossible to find.

pinwheel cement driver

Thursday, July 1, 2010

majhas "stepping into character"

this band hailed from indianapolis and was formed from members of ice nine  in the late 90s. they had a cdep on happy couples never last before this which was decent.......this record however, kills that one. chaotic, moody, noisy, messy, its all that and more....kind of like kiss it goodbye but with a more evolved, moody, modernized not sure if this band is dead or on a longass hiatus, if the latter is correct than i hope they hit us with a new album soon cause this one was a doozy.