Thursday, March 17, 2011

atlas shrugged "the last season" lp (1994)

there are(were) two types of NYHC. the kind that brings all the basketball jersey-and-camo-shorts-wearing meatheads to the yard with its tough guy posturing (warzone, madball, skarhead, ect) and the kind that gave a shit about the world beyond their crew/neighborhood (citizens arrest, born against, halfman, ect) atlas shrugged never fit either category. instead they opted for a progressive (but still chuggy) sound and lyrics that sould like they could have been lifted from a doctor who episode. IMO, they were kind of NYHC's answer to spaceboy....playing unique hardcore with matching lyrics.....this lp is a bit more conventional sounding than the band's "7s which are more "out there" soundwise........i guess here they are more comparable to a band like dive, chugging, aggressive but not overly so and very emotional....anyways there are other blogs who've posted some of this band's "7 inches and id highly urge you to check them out........very overlooked and underappriceated band.

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