Friday, April 29, 2011

shudder to think "the pony express record" (1994)

another record on a major label, that makes two in the past month, but both are worth posting......STT is easily one of the top 5 bands of the past 20 years in ANY genere....this record is a snapshot of the band at the very pinnacle of their game (it would be a steep, tragic descent later, starting with the "50,000 bc" record) its totally unique......craig's vocals seemed to be the wellspring for the vocal stylings of later bands like racebannon (although mike anderson took wedren-esque vocals to a new, psychotic realm) and party of helicopters.........anyways this is an alternately rockin and bizzare album...guitar licks all over the place and sassy vocals up the a good way!......just one of those records that stands out....waayayyyy out.....for some reason ive always wanted to group this band (maybe its just this album) with craw, even though they sound nothing alike, i get kinda the same feel from both bands, im not sure why......anyways a great landmark album that everyone should listen to at least once.......

my '94 shudder to think shirt, haha.