Friday, April 15, 2011

Dazzling Killmen-Serpentarium-Critical Mass

when people talk about hardcore classics, their usually talking about black flag, minor threat or bad brains (who i could never stand, despite making a sincere, concerted effort to do so) well this band here, this is one of my "classics", my "seminal/gamechanging band". these guys basically helped give birth to the sounds that please my ears the most. this was my beginning of hardcore......i had "face of collapse" before i had "damaged" or "salad days".......i guess because i was too young to be active in punk rock in the 80s is probably why i never had any real connection to most of the stuff that came about in that era.........people think its weird that i dont give two fucks about the cro mags or bad brains but its just not what i grew up listening to, they dont make sounds that appeal to me......dazziling killmen on the other hand, was one of the bands that pretty much set the standard for everything i was to like down the road.......

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