Sunday, April 17, 2011

chinchilla "101 italian hits" (1996)

heres another album ive been really digging into lately.....this came out on crisis records, the revelation offshoot in 1996...this band hailed from southern california and was apparently all female. im only aware of this album and the "little king" ep.  in any case the sound they create is unique.....i can catch a few passing flecks of various infleunces here and there........a little bit of evergreen here, a dash of salt (swedish band from the mid 90s) there......some kooky riffs that kinda recall bakamono......for some reason, i really like the vocals....sometimes she sounds like a female jeff garber or alan epley, but thats kinda beside the point. they are most certainly their own thing and i love it........being that they were on a revelation subsidiary, i can kinda see the reason for their obscurity......i cant see their style of music being very popular at all with the kids who were regular listeners/buyers of typical revelation bands or their merch back then......i think this band might have made more waves if they had been on gravity or kill rock stars or any case the kid with the underdog t-shirt's loss is my gain....and yours.

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  1. since they are from San Diego they should have been on Gravity...but knowing Matt and all the lovely ladies in Chinchilla that would have been equally strange. wish your mediafire link was still up.... this cd was stolen from a boyfriend. i guess exes are exes for a reason.