Sunday, April 3, 2011

astoveboat "new bedford" (1999)

first musical post of april! (im still in the middle of my trip down to florida so im lucky i got some time to post this) astoveboat were from the new england area,im not sure if it was massachusetts or rhode island, it was one of the two....ex glazed baby bassist, dale cunningham was in this band....soundwise its drunken tales of the sea and life aboard whaling ships, cavorting with hookers in port and harpooning the big one.......its all drums and bass with some effects here and there...repetitive grooves in a rather dark atmosphere with rough drunken vocals...i heard they played dressed up like admirals and captains from the 19th century live.........would have liked to have seen that, but as usual, i was a few years late on this one....check it out!

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