Tuesday, May 3, 2011

rusty james "save the last dance for me" (1996)

one of my all time favorites.........rusty james was a german band (featuring members of age, abyss, and morser) that did jawbreaker better than jawbreaker..this is a seminal album for me..ive been listening to this constantly for the past 13 years or so....it sticks with me like few other records have.....best pop punk record from europe's best pop punk band ever...the samples from rumblefish make it even better.....love records was the shit, everything they ever released was pure gold.......HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


  1. hey there!
    do you have the lyrics of this album?
    it'd be cool if you could post them.
    BTW, thanks for the record :)

  2. re upload? it would be so so appreciated:)