Friday, April 22, 2011

dead inside "no:4" (2002)

this british band hailed from london and were active between 1999-2002. featured an ex vocalist of hard to swallow.  i only became aware of them through a split they did with the italian band one fine day (their debut cd was one of the first things i posted on this blog). anyways it took me a while to find their releases but damn if that search didnt pay off in spades......really excellent rockin hardcore in the vein of most of mike kirsch's bands (torches to rome/john henry west/bread & circuits) and louisville bands like by the grace of god, black cross, flower & casket, ect.....there also a bit of black flag influence that shines through kinda kicking myself for taking so long to find this shit, its that good......its too bad they never toured the states...they'd probably be big, at least in louisville......gets my stamp of approval quite handily.

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  1. Holy shit, you're on a roll son, KEVIN BLOODY WILSON get in!