Monday, April 4, 2011

sap/coward split lp (1997)

im in florida for a week now, just got as fuck out and im in a library........anyways time for another obscure record for you guys!  i first heard of these two bands while flipping through a very distro catalogue in 2000.......the description of this record being all chaotic and noisy piqued my interest, but i never could find the record until relatively recently.....anyways sap were from austin texas and put out a few records (split with polio which has been posted on shinygreymonotone) and a "7 (circular breather) on little deputy that im still trying to find......anyways their shit is looser than "truth or dare" era madonna and all over the place...its like if UOA/harriet the spy drank cases full of jack or jim beam before they got in the studio.......disjointed is only the beginning..its not nearly as tight as their song on the polio split, on which they sounded only slightly inebriated......the drumming, however, is tight and keeps the music together as a what they where doing and wish that they could have recorded a proper lp, might have gotten them noticed more.........on the other side we have coward from milwaukee, wisconsin. they play some rather burly, crusty, noisy, sludgy stuff that recalls alot of the bovine records catalog.....nothing special, but not bad either.....anyways here it is:

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