Monday, April 25, 2011

handrail "fossil" "7 (1999)

so i found this band on  the great sempre in bilico blog........holy about hitting the sweet spot, tuneful melodic indie rock right in line with the turnips, springhills, firesides and rusty jameses who were plying their wares around the same other words, perfect late 90s euro melody........the first song, "russian roulette with a bon bon" alone is worth the price of admission.......ive had that song on repeat for a couple days now and its not stale yet.....anyways this was a sideproject of some of the one fine day guys, an italian band that called it quits too fact i would rather those dudes quit OFD and just continue with this band instead.........anyways highly recommended if you miss/dig this sound as much as i do.......


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