Wednesday, April 6, 2011

bows "blush" (1999)

this is a BIG departure from 98% of the stuff ive posted on this blog, but its just such a damn good record.........hailing from the UK., bows is the brainchild of  long fin killie's luke sutherland, beautiful trip hop done in the best of the tradition....perhaps even better than portishead.......huge seamlessly orchestrated walls of beautiful jazzy electrified sound capped partially with sultry female vocals, then other times with luke's distinctive semi-whispered vocals, that floats through you like some kind of erethreal luminous cloud most of the time....just really ucking good stuff, and im not really all about triphop, but i know good shit when i hear it......."big wings" britannica" and "sleepyhead" are standout tracks.....

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