Friday, April 15, 2011

the opposition "breaking the slience" (1981)

well to slightly contradict my last post, there were a few things that came out in the 80s that i did connect with and love.......the first piece of music i ever bought was the police's "zenyatta mundatta" cassette in first show was the cure on their "wish" tour in 1992.......however theres only been one early 80s band thats really stuck with me through the years, that band being opposition........unlike duran duran and the cure, their music still has a hold on me for whatever reason......its just catchy and moving...these guys were truly concerned with the state of the world they lived in, maybe that was what seperated them from the cures and the duran durans of the world....anyways its what would easily get the "80s post punk" tag today....for me its head & shoulders above most of the rest of the acts that kicked around at the time............they originally hailed from london, but moved to france at sometime in the late 80s (they remain immmensely popular in france )......this was their first lp.....really good moving stuff that i would recommend even if you arent really into this style.......

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