Wednesday, April 20, 2011

opposition "pre-packaged" "7 (1995)

ladies & gentlemen, i bring you opposition, not the UK band i posted previously, but in my opinion, the best boston band no ones heard of......messy, fast, brutal, ragged hardcore of the mid 90s on figure four flag, infest, rorschach, lebensreform and citizens arrest in a blender, this record being the end product.....actually not too dissimilar from fellow unappriceated bostonians, dive. a band i would give my left nut to see kinda mystified as to why these dudes werent more popular.....i guess they were too busy listening to shitty bands like converge or blood for blood.....oh well.......

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  1. Converge and Blood for Blood do suck. This band is pretty awesome. Even if the link doesn't work.