Saturday, February 27, 2010

voglio capirlo demo (1998)

this band existed between 1998-2000. they played with tons of passion and intensity that would make your jaw drop live......three awesome people playing what they loved....james marks, their singer/guitarist ran the vegan grocery in pontiac where many many great shows happened, he now runs some clothing company in ann arbor and i believe is more or less out of the "scene" or whatever....i believe they where on their way to great things when their bassist, sara zeidan, was killed in a head on carcrash with a truck while on her way to more than music fest in are the four songs from their demo....rough, twisting emotive stuff that would be perfectly at home on ebullition........a band that should be remembered even though their existence was all to brief...........

"no expectations for anyone to fail to reach...."

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  1. I used to have their demo tape, what's the chance you can send me some mp3s!?