Tuesday, February 23, 2010

providence union "die me infinity + 4"

between 2000-2002 i went to indianapolis/bloomington/west lafayette/muncie indiana like every other weekend for shows.....saw shitloads of bands........kurt, enfold, chispa, usurp synapse, stars of the dogon, red monkey, city of catepillar, check engine, racebannon...the list was lonngggg......anyways i saw this band and a band called excelsior! in indianapolis on a tuesday night (i remember going down there specifically because it was a weekday show) in spring/summer 2002 (i think) i was actually more excited for excelsior! because that band contained ex members of encyclopedia of american traitors who i dug the shit out of......well excelsior! had none of the energy or commitment of that band and instead played some lousy scuzz-rock....like a really halfassed karp trying to play thin lizzy covers or something like that...........anyways providence union came on and blew my mind.........just a fantastic live band....dreamy, atmospheric and loud as fuck (at least from what i remember) im not sure why, but i dident get any of ther merch at the time (in fact i dont even remember if they had merch).........i only got this cd a few months later........a bit of a dissapointment from their live show but really really fucking good nonethless.........a good description of their recorded material would be "shoegazer-post hardcore"  maybe swervedriver meets city of caterpillar? standout track are "an isometric excercise" and "plastic ceilings". methinks youll like this as much as i did.

oh yea, this band was from daytona beach florida and to my knowledge, this was the only thing they released.

providence union

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