Wednesday, February 24, 2010

doppler: "songs to defy"

there will be no more arguements made. the jury has its verdict and that verdict is doppler is the best band in france right now. its not even going to coin a new term right now: epic noise rock, because thats exactly what this barbwire masterpiece of a record is............i thought "si nihil aliud" was good...this one one-ups that record in every possible way, noisier, more complex, better recording values, theyve reached another song is under 4 minutes long here, just exciting and enthralling....two words that i bet have never been used in the context of a review of a noise rock album before.......this came out in 2008 and im really not sure why i dident hear about it then.........but holy shit is this some fucking amazing, energizing stuff...if you dont like this you either have no taste or are braindead.....ok, so maybe our musical tastes arent alike......what am i saying? if your reading this blog and have downloaded and liked anything ive posted, youll probably eat this up with a spoon:

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