Thursday, February 4, 2010

luck of aleia "6 songs"

for me, caulfield records could/can do no wrong. this was bernie mcginn's band (presumably) after sideshow....catchy memorable tunes that will stick on your head for least they did in mine.........the sound is more laid back and poppy than sideshow....this record got savaged in alot of reviews in zines/websites like ink19 at the time it came out...i never really understood the hate.......anyways its alot like another late period caulfeild band that operated at the same time as LOA...the farewell all the old timers would say, "they dont make em like this anymore..."  you can take those words to heart  'cause in today's incredibly shitty musical world of  reggaeton and "crunk screamo" they really dont....


  1. I can confirm that this was Bernie's band (briefly) after Sideshow. For his part, Rich was (briefly) in Eric the Red after Sideshow. And Paul was in Pablo's Triangle.
    Each of them may have been in other bands as well, but these are the notable ones.