Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ananda "5" cd

this was this french band's first stab at playing rough, ugly metallic hardcore in the vein of carcass or unruh after switching styles from the messy screamy multivocalled french emo thing they used to do......the results where astounding.....although somewhat more dog-eared and unfocused than the devastatingly efficient brutality of "profane",  these 5 songs nonetheless exhibit some vicious fuck-ugly power......the "habeas corpus" lp is also included here so you can get a sense of what this band sounded like before their metal days.......still brutal and noisy but in a much more emo way with duelling male/female vocals......

check it:



  1. hi mate,
    I was wondering, the carcass youre talking about - its not the same than the one which released "heartwork", right?
    anyway, ananda, totally fucking great band yeah. theyre missed !
    cheers !

  2. i was comparing ananda to carcass cause the sound is a tiny bit similar.....i could have used a bunch of per koro bands for a comparison too but i think ive thrown around the "per koro sound" comparison alot as it is

  3. lol per koro sounds so funny lol yaaaaa hello from DominiKan Republic, your Father KeseYoke

  4. I remember seeing this guys on the Botch/Knut/Ananda European tour in '99... Good stuff, unfortunately for them they were outclassed by Knut and Botch. 'Profane' is good, haven't bothered with em since tho, so dl'ing this now, heh... I can rip you the 3-way live split 10" from that tour (released in 2000 or so) if you don't already have it.

  5. i had it, but half my albums got deleted laqst week, so im redownloading a large portion of my mp3 library