Friday, February 19, 2010

ache hour credo discgraphy

so we're in the middle of the olympics and i feel like taking part in the olympic im posting a band from canada today..........and from vancouver no less! i dont know much about this band other than that ache hour credo existed at some point in the late 90s and was an offshoot of m-blanket, a band im even less familiar with than AHC.......that said, this is one hell of a cd.........rough melodic punk/emo/hardcore with a shitload of water music eat your heart out..........some of it is more moody and borders on the mid 90s screaming hardcore/emo thing but for the most part this is pretty upbeat.........i used to think (and to a degree i still do) that all of the good canadian bands came from quebec and ontario with a few good ones from winnipeg too (swallowing shit/head hits concrete/malfaction) with edmonton/calgary/regina being virtual deserts for hardcore/emo/indie rock..........aside from strain, submission hold and these guys, vancouver never seemed to offer me anything that great musically either....maybe there are a shitton of good bands from that area that im overlooking but until i hear them AHC will be the only band from canada's west that i can consider truely superb.

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