Wednesday, February 17, 2010

to dream of autumn "live on wnyu"

this band always seemed to turn up in the whitebelt's record collections or namedropped by them on not sure why......TDOA where the furthest thing from a typical "whitebelt" band (IE: bands with shitty fashion sense writing short fast noisy blasts, usually with keyboards in there somewhere, with weird robot/pirate/viking obsessions) they where a group of down to earth honest and sincere people who just happened to play paint peeling hardcore with the occasional dreamy moment and who had the most vicious female vocals ive ever heard....they hailed from little rock, from columbus and from savannah....i saw these guys several times and got to talk to them at length after each show, i can safely say none of them had any connection whatsoever eith the dreaded whitebelt assholes who started all this sassy bullshit in the mid-late 90s and paved the way for the next generation of little douchebags to dress like this:

and this:

fucking nauseating, i know, ive witnessed this subset of assholes with their testicle busting "girl-jeans", studded belts and  saosin/she died real pretty/senses fail/ insert-shitty-faux "emo" band-of-the-moment-here t shirts all too many times in recent years........and the whitebelt assholes with their penchant for collecting the same orchid/combatwoundedveteran/locust record in 5 different colors and posting on various internet messageboards with an undeserved sense of smug self accomplishment are basically responsible for the asshats pictured above.

anyways ive gotten off on a rant......back to the point. TDOA were fucking fantastic and really dont deserve to be ignored because of some mistaken notion of association with the "scene" of these newfangled "emo kids"......this is their "live on wnyu' cd that came out on magic bullet in 2003.....really top notch recording job on this.......the sound is full and vicious....sara's vocals are out front and are fucking eviscerating....maybe the most perfect radio show set ive ever heard.

anyways enjoy!

ps: the girl in the first pic is sara padgett, TDOA's singer.

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