Tuesday, February 16, 2010

best vocalists in hardcore in the past 20 years (in my opinion)

in no particular order here are the dudes that i think put it all out there and just destroyed everything in their path vocally over the past 2 decades:

mike edwards - unruh.

brendan desmet - groundwork/absinthe/bury me standing.

chris colohan - left for dead/the swarm/countdown to oblivion/runation/cursed

darryl kahan - citizens arrest/taste of fear/funebrarum

craig lacombe - jihad/church of the bomb

tim singer - no escape/deadguy/kiss it goodbye/family man

charlie maggio - rorschach/computer cougar

artie phillie - milhouse/indesicion/celebrity murders/the shemps

frank staplefeldt - murdock/ghost armada

bjorn/grabi - systral/morser (i think thats bjorn)

the dude from acme.

this is my opinion and mine alone.


  1. Can I get a Sam McPheeters up in this piece?

  2. haha i forgot rob fish! id definatly add him and mcpheeters!

  3. Yeah, once you start picking lists like these, you keep remembering this guy and that guy...it's near impossible.
    Tim Singer though, that's a pretty tough one to beat.
    The guy from Unbroken was good. The Bloodlet dude was pretty distinct. Then you got like a Split Lip, or Castor or something on that end of the spectrum. Was Chain Of Strength in the last 20 years? The Accused?

  4. Sorry to comment on nearly everything

    Rennie Resmini

    Didier from Knut

    Brian Dingledine.

  5. all good dudes! haha,i should have made a top 20 or so