Monday, February 22, 2010

long fin killie "valentino"

....."and now for something completely different.."

taking a different turn with this entry.....not a "hardcore" band by any means, yet a very memorable one to say the least.......long fin killie hailed from scotland and where active through much of the 90s..i saw them in 1996 with a shoegaze band from LA called medicine (this was in the same week that i saw engine kid and iceburn)....their vocalist, luke sutherland went on to do a trip-hop outfit called bows and after that wrote a couple prize winning books, "venus as a boy" and "jellyroll".....he also apparently plays violin for mogwai when they tour.......anways LFK was a very unique band, melding elements of indie rock, celtic music, noise, string sections and electronics to create an amazing musical landscape combined with sutherland's wry lyricism.....valentino was their second might take you a couple listens to really get into this since there is alot to take in in each song, but its a musical journey well worth taking.......

hope i dident sound too much like some rolling stone/spin critic ith that paragraph.....but a kickass band and a fucking great album....

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