Wednesday, February 24, 2010

molly mcguire "lime"

from the meagre amount of recoded material that id heard from this band before i got this album i was expecting to hear a band heavily influenced by "innocents' era only living witness (since the couple songs id heard before "lime" where very much in that vein) but lo and behold this is solidly in the same genus of the musical kingdom as fellow midwesterners castor, shiner and hum.....albeit alot more heavy duty with more of a polished  straight ahead rock feel than those bands.....and the vocals are a bit moe in the "angsty grunge" style at times.....the standout tracks are  "american urine", "coin toss" and the last 1:30 of "humanville".........the lyrics could have been better....they seem to be mainly concerned with  love and the loss thereof......"sad bastard" music indeed.........despite some of the stated drawbacks this is definately worth continued listens as the music can be fucking phenominal at best and still pretty good at worst.

ps: this band was from kansas city and this album came out in 1996 (im pretty sure)

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  1. love this band! does anyone have a copy of "lime" on LP?