Wednesday, April 28, 2010

trans megetti "steal the jet keys"

these guys where a kind of aberration in the DC  scene of the 90s, playing frantic  jehu/tanner inspired  rock/hardcore with those peculiar high pitched vocals of mark tesi.......someone said "this sounds like jehu if they had robert smith from the cure singing for them" and i cant completely dismiss that comparison.......there was a time that i hated this band and alot of the other DC bands (my moshcore phase in 96 when i refused to listen to anything that wasnt sXe or swedish) but then i ended up seeing them and the warmers in a basement in kalamazoo in 1997 and shit was intense! i completely changed my mind about this band and was pissed when i missed two more of their shows in kalamazoo between 1998 - 2000. ahh well, tons of shows i wished i could have been at, but no use crying over spilled milk 12 years after the fact...............anyways this was their first (and best) lp from 1997, check it out!

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