Sunday, April 11, 2010

casket & flower s/t CD

hailing from the border between the midwest and the south, louisville kentucky, casket and flower played a unique brand of hardcore that straddled both a straighforward sound reminiscent of swiz or even bl'ast and a more emotive sound in the vein of  bands like inkwell/serotonin........i have somewhat of a personal connection to this band i as i know their drummer (ella)  who is one of the nicest people youll ever wanna meet......anyways this band existed around 2004-2008 (im sure ella will correct me if im wrong) played a bunch of shows and then as alot of bands do, broke up. im sure members are in new bands now, however i couldent tell you what those bands are as i dont live there and i dont keep very good tabs on the lousiville scene........

heres the sound!

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