Wednesday, April 7, 2010

shiner "floodwater/cowboy" "7

i believe this was the much lauded KC band's first (or one of their first) record(s)....its kinda weird that this record sounds like it could have been recorded at any point of this band's existence, such a full and thick recording, just like all of the other shiner records, no trace of sloppiness or ameteurism that would betray a band's early years, just really solid jams from a band that deserved every bit of praise it got during its existence.......i'll admit im more of a fan of "lula divina" and the records that preceded it than i am of "the egg" era shiner of the early 2000's, but its all good.........

anyways here it is:

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  1. Hello there, I can't find these two Shiner songs anywhere. Is it possible to get this re-uploaded? I would greatly appreciate it! Anyways, thanks.