Tuesday, April 27, 2010

rocket fuel is the key "consider it contempt"

a kansas city band from the mid 90s whose records are almost impossible to find, this particular album was their first, released in 1996. RFITK were a part of the burgeoning KC scene back in the 90s, yet they werent nearly as well known as fellow compatriots shiner and season to risk, which is too bad really because they play some thick nasty noise rock, more intense than the aforementioned bands and i dare say, probably alot more crazy live.......victory records tried to sign these guys but the band told them to fuck off (which does nothing but  increase my respect for them) and that was back in the mid-late 90s when victory was still putting out records that where relevant.....apparently the band never broke up and a second record, "stroke of genius" was released in 2006...still trying to hunt that one down......anyways heres the payoff

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