Friday, April 30, 2010

bakamono - both full lengths

the los angeles/southern california area produced some wacky/arty/noisy shit back in the mid 90s, lost among the vast clutter of unremarkable bands involved in that scene, bakamono progressed from being a kind of loud snotty hardcore band with an arty slant into a band that played long long wandering spaced-out noisefests in the later period of their existence........their first full length 1994's "the cry of the turkish fig peddler..." is loud noisy rock/hardcore, bearing a strong resembleance to karp and other bands of their ilk......their second (and final?) full length, 1996's "long time cain" shows the band's progression into almost psycadelic jam sessions that almost remind me of the spacier parts of gasp or volume 11 at times.......they released a bunch of "7s too, you can find them posted on a couple other blogs.. (built on a weak spot and onesidedwar)

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