Friday, April 16, 2010

makara discography

heres blast from mid 90s southern california......nowadays kids call bands like this "screamo" but at the time these songs wher recorded people would have just said "noisy as fuck hardcore with some amazing drumming" no one went around going "this shit is fucking screamo!" in 1997.....fucking tools...........anyways this band bears a strong resemblence to honeywell....same kind of manic over the top noisy approach with lungbursting vocals (the vocalist being female but sounding every bit as maniaclly brutal as the dude from honeywell, that is when her voice isnt buried in the sound) the difference between the two would be makara's more technical drumming.....james is/was a superb drummer in both this band and mohinder..........anyways this compiles the "broken arrow" "7, the split "10 with shaharazad (who also rocked) the tracks from the "from stars come hearts" comp "7 on witching hour and i think a few other tracks as well.........if your in the know, tell me if ive missed something............members went on to yaphet kotto, welcome to the plauge year and ruehaeda, and where also in coexisting bands such as mohinder and jenny piccollo.......... this came out on the blood ofthe young label (now infamous for their legendary ripoffs)  in 2002

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