Thursday, April 1, 2010

juliana hatfield "only everything"

bet you dident expect this!  throughout the 90s i had a HUGE crush on this woman (and i still do)  courtney love? kim deal? kathleen hannah? fuck em all, juliana was the queen of  90s grrrl rock and this album is the most perfect manifestation of her work........."universal heartbeat" and the seaweed-esque "what a life" are as close to perfect alt- poprockers as you could get in the mid one came close.......ive heard very very little bad material from juliana, even her later stuff was a cut above (well a cut above what her peers continued to release in the 2000s) id strongly urge you to check this out if you have any love of 90s "alterntive"/indie rock and youve yet to hear miss hatfield........

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