Monday, April 12, 2010

lash out / burst split "7 (1998)



i came in expecting great things from lash out, everything id heard up to this record had been fantastic, however their song "worlds collide" was pretty pedestrian mosh of almost hatebreed-ish genericness....a dissapointment, knowing what this band is capable of.........burst on the other hand, brought the energy and the fucking passion to this slab of wax......manic fucking energy...thats what this band was about (at least on this record) over the course of their two songs i was reminded of mohinder (just the first song) carol, diavolo rosso and fellow swedes breach ....just really really superb fucking hardcore the way it should be done.....burst was always one of those bands id known about forever but whos albums i hadnt really ever bothered to check out, i hear they turned into some crusty "prog-metal" band in the 2000s and released records on relapse or whatever............i first heard this band on that old swedish hardcore website/database, (i think thats what it was called.......that website is bascally how i doveloped my love affair with numerous swedish bands in the 90s such as separation, sheild, saidiwas, purusam, arsedestroyer, ect if anyone else remembers that site, hit me up! we can discuss the good old days!) and i remember them sounding somewhat like entombed.....they had a cd but i never got around to buying it, looks like im gonna have to hunt down this band's back  catalouge........

anyways heres the split: